2023 in Review

On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen

What a ride 2023 was. We started the year with a full slate of new releases, ramping into our 8-year anniversary party in early March, which we celebrated as only Top Guns could.

The summer was a busy one with lots of fan favorites returning to the taps. In part, that’s why we had fewer new releases in 2023 than we have in years past. Our lagers especially were always too soon gone from our taps.

We produced more beer to go and cans this year than we have in our previous 7 years of business. So the beer coolers in the front entrance were at last stocked for a good bit of the year.

We’re very proud of that given our small, small operation.

But back to the new releases. We dropped 31 new releases in 2022 as we innovated in our lagers, IPAs, and more.

2023 By the Numbers

Let’s take a closer look at our new releases in 2023.

On Rotation 2023 New Releases Infographic

We had too many bangers on the crispy boi front to produce in 2023 so we didn’t need to create new lagers. Mostly, we just tried to keep your favorites on tap as much as possible. All Systems Go and Kreutzer were frequently fermenting in 2023.

Our one new lager release was Blue Agave, a Mexican lager with blue agave nectar and butterfly pea nectar, which made the top 5 in sales for the year. We can’t resist a color-changing beer, and it seems you agree.

We released 4 new hazy IPAs this year. Flocculation of Seagulls stepped up to a double IPA at more than 9% ABV and that seemed to make you all dig it even more. Volumes 19 to 23 all hit the taps in 2023, and our favorite is easily the 100% Citra hopped Volume 23 we ran through like it was oxygen.

We took what we’ve learned brewing hazy IPAs in recent years and used it to innovate on the non-hazy IPA front this year. The first product of that was Mach 10, our anniversary beer released in March.

Mach 10 was such a favorite that we had to bring it back later this year, and other 2023 new releases like Danny Tanner were spiritual successors as we dialed in a hybrid style of IPA where the hops were the star of the show with a touch of bitterness for those of you who miss the West Coasts of old.

Barleywine, specifically English barleywines, were a focus of ours this year as we revived our barrel-aging program and brewed some of the biggest beers we ever released.

At more than 14% ABV, Nightcap and Dynasty were record-setting malt bills for us. The results were magical, and we’re aging a few kegs of each to surprise you with an upcoming anniversary party soon.

A surprise rock star this year was our collaboration with musician Justin Cashion. Velvet Elvis is an irish dry stout designed to taste like a fried peanut butter & banana sandwich. An addition of coffee made it a “breakfast stout.”

At just 4.5% ABV, we received more praise for this beer than any other in 2023. Prancer Cinnamon Sugar Brown was a close second.

So maybe session pastry stouts are a thing.

With our 26 new releases in 2023, our grand total of beer releases is now up to 397 brews in just shy of 9 years.

New Releases in 2023

Thank You

It probably goes without saying if you’ve followed the craft beer scene in Dallas and across the state this year that it’s a hard time for the craft beer business.

We are no exception, but we so appreciate the support we’ve received from you and from the Dallas beer – and fried chicken & gluten free – community.

I think we’re all hoping for a much better 2024 and a renewed interest in tasty beverages made by hand. We love having the opportunity to bring our small batches & scratch dishes to the table, literally, at On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen, and we love all of you who bring the crew in to discover their favorite new beverages from one of the most eclectic drink lists in town each week.

It’s still a few days to go in 2023, but here’s to a bright future, full of close friends, delicious brews, and good times. We’re damn glad to have you with us.

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