The Ticket (KTCK-AM) “Just the Sip” tries Prancer & Velvet Elvis

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“So next up, we are going to one of the breweries that I tend to go to quite often because they’re also a restaurant, and their food’s fantastic.”

“It’s called On Rotation. And On Rotation is a unique brewery that originally started over kind of in the Lakewood area off Gaston, over, you know, kind of by White Rock Lake or whatever. And they do where they brew their own beers, but they also feature a lot of guest taps. So you can go in there and try a bunch of different beer and have a good meal.”

“They moved and opened a new facility a few years ago. They are right smack dab next to Love Field airport. I mean right next to it off Mockingbird. I mean, it is, Mockingbird and what is that? Lemmon or whatever that is that’s over there? It’s almost like it’s attached to the airport without being…”

The Invasion “Donnie sees if he likes dessert beers in Just the Sip” on The Ticket KTCK-AM Radio (December 1, 2023)
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