On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen Earns Silver Medal in 2024 Texas Craft Brewers Cup

On Rotation Jalapeno Saison with TCBC 2024 Silver Medal

Jalapeño Saison recognized at the annual statewide professional beer competition in Texas

Jacob & Lindsay Sloan accept the silver medal for Jalapeño Saison at the 2024 Texas Craft Brewers Cup
Jacob & Lindsay Sloan accept On Rotation’s silver medal in Smoke & Chili Beer for Jalapeño Saison at the 2024 Texas Craft Brewers Cup

On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen took home a silver medal at the 2024 Texas Craft Brewers Cup presented by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. The best beers in 31 medal categories covering 150+ different beer styles were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals during an awards ceremony at the Texas Craft Brewers Guild’s Annual Meeting at Hilton Austin on Saturday, February 17, 2024.

On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen was recognized in Smoke & Chili Beer for its Jalapeño Saison, a French saison with jalapeño peppers lovingly referred to by On Rotation as the “Best Chili Beer in Texas.”

On Rotation is a brewpub located in Dallas, Texas just outside Love Field that prides itself in crafting small batch beers drop by drop, serving up gluten-free fried chicken, and curating an eclectic tap list of exceptional beverages across their 40 taps.

Jalapeño Saison named "Best Chili Beer in Texas" again in 2024

2024 marks On Rotation’s second time winning a silver medal for Jalapeño Saison at the Texas Craft Brewers Cup. The Dallas brewpub first won silver for the chili saison in the inaugural Texas Craft Brewers Cup in 2022.

In both years, silver was the highest award received for a chili beer in the competition, and no chili beers medaled in 2023, which, by On Rotation’s calculations, makes Jalapeño Saison the reigning “Best Chili Beer in Texas!”

“It’s always special to win an award for Jalapeño Saison as it is one of our earliest recipes and a beer we’ve become known for in Dallas and across North Texas.”

Jacob Sloan, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen
Texas Craft Brewers Cup 2024 Competition Stats

Judging took place February 2-4, 2024 in Austin with 55 judges evaluating 956 anonymized entries from 170 breweries hailing from all different corners of the state. The Texas Craft Brewers Cup judging pool was composed of experienced brewing industry professionals and members of the homebrewing community with extensive Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judging experience.

“With each passing year, the Texas Craft Brewers Cup becomes more than just a competition—it’s a symbol of the creativity, commitment to quality, and spirit of collaboration that have become hallmarks of our vibrant Texas craft beer landscape.”

“The Texas Craft Brewers Cup not only highlights the remarkable talents of our state’s brewers but also fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among industry professionals.”

Caroline Wallace, Executive Director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild

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Photos from the 2024 Texas Craft Brewers Cup
Photo Credit: Zach Lyons

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