On Rotation brews named top beers in Texas in first-ever Untappd Community Awards

2023 Untappd Community Awards Winner

On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen wins first place for two styles and second in a third style in 2023 Untappd Community Awards

We learned just yesterday in an announcement released by Untappd, a platform used by many to “check in” and rate the beers, that On Rotation had placed in three style categories of their new Untappd Community Awards!

These awards were created by Untappd to recognize beers rated as best-in-class by their 11 million users in 2023. Over 1.5 million beers were rated in 2023, meaning fewer than 1.65% of beers (25,302 in total) won awards this year.

On Rotation winning beers

1st Place in Irish Dry Stout
Velvet Elvis
Fried Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich Breakfast Stout

1st Place in ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
Loyal Wingman
American ESB

2nd Place in Chili Beer (Chilli / Chile Beer)
Jalapeño Saison
French Saison with Jalapeños

While we (admittedly) want to bring home first place in Chili Beer in 2024, it was an extremely close race for 2023. All three recognized winners for Texas were rated within 0.007 of each other in 2023.

It was great to see so many North Texas breweries recognized in these awards, and we appreciate all your support in rating our beers on Untappd last year!

How Beers Were Selected

Beers were ranked by style according to their average rating from check-ins with ratings in the calendar year 2023. Only the most recent rating from each user who checked in the beer in 2023 counted – one user, one vote.

For a beer to qualify, it had to receive at least 50 check-ins from 50 unique Untappd community members in 2023.

Join Untappd

If you’d like to participate in the 2024 community awards, sign up for Untappd and start rating the beers you enjoy today at untappd.com.

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