We Have The Hots For On Rotation’s Jalapeno Saison. [Central Track]

Hots for Jalapeno Saison review in Central Track

While pepper dominates the aroma, it splits first-dibs duties with that classic saison spice and funk that I love on the tongue. There’s a bit of hotness from the pepper, but it doesn’t overwhelm me at any point. The subtle spice from the pepper continues in aftertaste form, long after the swallow. But, again, while the pepper hangs around, it’s enjoyable. About halfway through this first beer, I can feel my face warming — but it’s not from the pepper heat. I think it’s from the boozy 8.1 ABV. Other than the general fear of a sleepless night of heartburn-fueled tossing and turning, I feel the urge to order another pint. And I will, because this pepper beer is everything I want from a spice beer without any of the regret.

Ben Smithson, Central Track (March 10, 2016)