Welcome to On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen! We’re a family-friendly, Dallas brewpub brewing small batch beers, pouring amazing beers, ciders, wines & seltzers, from all over the country, and slingin’ some of the tastiest fried chicken (gluten-free) and more you’ll ever see. Our 40-tap wall is always rotating, hence our name – On Rotation.

How we work

Step right in and start your tab at our bar. Look for the “Order Here” sign.

  1. Step right in and place your first order at the bar. (Look for our “ORDER HERE” sign.)
    Please enter our pub & talk to us at round counter of the bar. This is where you will start your tab, which can then be accessed by any of the taproom team, bartenders or servers.
  2. Take Your Boarding Pass
    You’ll receive your “boarding pass” at the bar. This is a standing clipboard with a boarding pass-like table name on it. The city name is your “table number” for us to find you with additional drink & food orders. You only need one per table. Our servers will use the city name to find you with the drinks and food you order during your visit. Please give us the city name and/or your last name when placing additional orders on your tab.
  3. Grab A Seat & Enjoy Every Drop
    Sit anywhere you would like, and feel free to move around throughout your visit to experience all On Rotation has to offer. Just keep your boarding pass on you. When you are ready to place additional orders, either speak with our servers or approach the bar, whatever you would prefer. When you are ready to close out, our bartenders or servers can take care of you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask any of our team. We’re happy to help, and we appreciate you coming by.

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Events & reservations

We host a variety of events throughout the week and are also available for private party or table reservations for large group outings.