Welcome to On Rotation

Welcome to On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen!

We’re a local, family-owned & family-friendly brewpub brewing small batch beers and slingin’ some of the tastiest gluten-free fried chicken you’ll ever see from our scratch kitchen.

We have 40 taps stocked with our own brews and amazing guest taps, curate a select wine list, and craft beer, wine, and seltzer-based cocktails.

All of our guest taps rotate, meaning we change them after each keg is finished, hence our name – On Rotation! Learn all about us.

How To Order

Let us be your guide.

Step 1: Start your tab

Come inside and place your first order with us at the order station in the round at the bar directly in front of you. Look for our “Order Here” sign.

If you start a tab and keep it open, you can place additional orders at the bar, with any server, or by claiming your tab via the QR code on your table.

Any member of our team with a tablet can assist you in taking an order, checking on your orders, or closing your tab.

Step 2: Take your boarding pass

When you place an order, you’ll be assigned to a boarding pass. This is our way of identifying you in the brewpub, similar to a table number. We just use airport names rather than numbers being so near to Love Field.

If you’re joining a group who’s already here, we’ll likely ask you for the city name on their boarding pass. If you don’t know it, that’s okay.

If you’re the first of your friends to arrive, we’ll assign you a boarding pass at the bar that you can take to your table.

Any number of tabs may be assigned to one boarding pass, as long as everyone in the group stays near the clipboard so we can find you with food & drink orders.

When placing additional orders, we can find your tab by the boarding pass city name or your last name.

Step 3: Grab a seat and enjoy every drop

You may sit anywhere you’d like in the brewpub, indoors or outdoors on our patio. Feel free to move around throughout your visit.

When you’re ready to place additional orders, please speak with our servers, drop back by the bar, or claim your tab via the QR code at your table to continue ordering, whatever your preference.

When you are ready to close your tab, you may do so with any On Rotation team member. You may also claim your tab via any table QR code & close on your mobile device.

That’s how it all works.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our team members for assistance. We’re happy to help, and we appreciate your choosing to visit On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen.