On Rotation’s Hops of the Earth IPA Pairs Perfectly with Cane Rosso’s Screaming Kids [Dallas Observer]

Hops of the Earth in Dallas Observer

Arriving with a lighter amber coloring, On Rotation’s newest concoction is good. Really freakin’ good. One of impressive things about Hops of the Earth was the lightness of the beer; most IPAs can be filling, but the medium body of this beer leans toward the lighter side. The taste is citrusy without a bite, and the mouthfeel is smooth. Lacking in bitterness, this is an IPA made for IPA fans and non-fans alike. The most impressive aspect of this beer was the not just the lack of bitterness, but that the citrus flavor is what came through in the aftertaste, which will encourage you to keep ordering it.

Brent Nuss, Dallas Observer (June 4, 2015)