Meet Jacob and Lindsay Sloan of On Rotation in Lakewood (East Dallas) [VoyageDallas]

Meet Jacob & Lindsay Sloan in VoyageDallas

On Rotation is a unique flavor of brewery or brewpub in North Texas. It’s a somewhat rare concept across the U.S., but the roots of it stem from the brewpub culture present in the most craft beer savvy markets. We treat each beer with the utmost care, which is why we brew in such small batches. Brewing on this smaller scale allows us to use higher-quality ingredients and work with processes and flavors that don’t work when brewing at higher volumes. It also allows us to explore styles and flavors that are less mainstream in the market, and we get a chance to create a variety of experimental, one-off variants. We love that On Rotation offers an experienced craft beer fans won’t find anywhere else and a chance to be exposed to flavors that change the way they think about beer.

VoyageDallas (January 15, 2020)