How local breweries compete in a crowded market [Beer in Big D]

How Local Breweries Compete in a Crowded Market in Beer in Big D

“We insist on producing a high-quality product with the finest ingredients, but we are just as obsessed with offering the best craft beer drinking experience in the market. We have the ability to control the entire experience of consuming our beers, and we consider all parts of that process — the taproom, the branding, the staff, and the glass — as part of the product itself.”

“As a small-batch brewery, our quick-churning brew schedule allows us to branch out and take chances on more obscure, expensive, or experimental styles that may not seem viable to the larger breweries. We’re able to introduce new beers on a weekly basis, and we are forever evolving the beers we make based on what is on the market and what people enjoy. That keeps us current and keeps things exciting for us and our customers in a way that allows us to stay competitive and relevant no matter how many breweries enter the market.”

Brian Brown, Beer in Big D (November 7, 2018)