Curbside Craft Beer Pickup in Dallas

Please note our new hours for to-go sales and curbside pickup

Sunday 3-7 PM
Monday-Thursday 3-9 PM
Friday 12-9 PM
Saturday 12-9 PM

As a business who serves its product in-person to customers, the new restriction on Dallas bars and restaurants puts us in a tough spot. We are completely in support of these safety measures and will continue to prioritize the health of our customers and employees, but, to sustain our business and our employees, we have to get creative.

As such, we’re rolling out a curbside-first, beer-to-go only model for as long as the recommendations from the City of Dallas and the CDC last.

We have onboarded the new Arryved mobile app, which you can download and link to your credit card immediately. With this mobile app, you can claim your tab and close out without ever needing to touch our register tablet. This eliminates another risk to our employees and customers. So while we’ll be taking cash and credit card payments, we’d strongly encourage the use of this mobile app for to-go purchases. You can download it today for Apple iOS and Android.

Our employees depend on our taproom and will be helping us to manage to-go sales. We will be asking that you tip a minimum of 15% to help them during this difficult time, but you are welcome and encouraged to tip more than that. They are dedicated to making sure you don’t lose access to the craft beer you crave, no matter how we have to adjust during this crisis.

We’ll be taking orders via phone at present, but we are also working on a way to take orders online in the near term. Stay tuned to our social channels, and we’ll provide any updates in the way you can buy and enjoy our beer safely and comfortably until we’re able to cheers again in our taproom together.


Check out our live tap list and call us at 972-807-2588 to place an order for crowlers. Crowler prices are $1 more than the 32oz price listed online.

Pull up in your car in front of our taproom (find us) and call again to confirm you’ve arrived and that your order is ready.

Close your tab with us and TIP YOUR BARTENDER on our register tablet or on your own phone via the Arryved mobile app (iOS / Android)

Enjoy fresh, delicious beer at home and post or send us a pic to keep the community feel of craft beer alive while safely social distancing! (Tag us at “On Rotation” on Facebook or @on_rotation on Twitter and Instagram)