Visiting the Taproom

Thank you for supporting us during this unprecedented time. We’re looking forward to having you back in the taproom though it will be a little different. We ask that you be receptive to our new policies as we return to some kind of new normal operations, and we will reserve the right to ask any guest not respecting the safety of others to leave.

Seating & Capacity

We have rearranged our taproom to serve a maximum of 28 seated guests. Each table will be arranged to seat 4 with the option of adding 2 chairs for groups of 6. We will not be able to seat any parties of more than 6 at this time unless you are willing to separate into multiple tables.

We ask that you not attempt to move tables or add additional chairs yourself, but our bartenders would be happy to arrange extra chairs for your group if necessary.

Customers will not be allowed to stand in the taproom, and we will not be able to provide service to any guests without a seat.

For the time being, we will not be allowing any seating at the bar to protect our bartenders and customers.

Please be mindful of other customers and practice social distancing while in our taproom.

Open Hours

We will continue to operate under the new hours we introduced for to-go sales. We will be open 7 days per week for in-house customers and to-go from 3-9 PM Monday to Thursday, 12-9 PM Fridays and Saturdays, and 12-7 PM Sundays.


We strongly encourage you to give us a heads up that you plan to come and see us using the form below. With that, we can let you know whether to expect a seat for you and/or your group upon arrival.

If you do not receive confirmation from us via email that we have seats for you, please understand that we may not be able to accommodate you while we operate at 25% capacity per the guidance provided by the state and local government.

Upon arrival, please wait at the entry table to be greeted by a bartender and directed to a clean table. We will have hand sanitizer available for your use.

We will have a designated door for entry and for exit to reduce the contact you have to have with the handles and/or doorways.

Please enter using the front single door of our taproom closest to the parking lot and exit via the double doors nearest to Cane Rosso. The doors will be labeled for entry and exit.


We will ask that all taproom customers wear masks upon arrival and while ordering from a bartender. If you do not have a mask, we may be able to provide you with one, but please do not expect service without a mask when you come to our taproom.

Open Air

We will try to keep our garage doors and entryway doors open as weather and wind permits.

It may get hot. This is Texas after all, but we want to make sure that there is ample airflow through all parts of the taproom and allow for free movement for customers as they enter and leave.

Games & Food

Unfortunately, no board games will be available at this time, and we will not offer the use of the gaming station until further notice.

For now, we will not be allowing outside food to be brought into the taproom or consumed. We know many of you enjoy picking up food at Cane Rosso next door and/or bringing your own eats on visits to the taproom, but, for the safety of our team and you, we ask that you avoid bringing any outside food or beverages into the taproom. We will have a limited supply of snacks for purchase.


We have discontinued the use of our printed tap lists for now. At your table, we’ll be providing the tap list via a link or QR code you can view on your own mobile device. You may also view our full menu on Untappd.

You’ll find an empty glass on your table with a colored sheet of paper. Please place the colored sheet of paper in the glass when you are ready to order and put on your mask so that we may safely approach your table.

After ordering, you can remove the sheet of paper and replace it when you are ready to order again. Our staff will not come to your table unless the paper is in place to note that you are ready to order from us.

Each group will receive a fresh, clean sheet of colored paper upon arrival for this use.

If you’d prefer an entirely contactless experience, we will also allow you to enter your orders via our online store for in-house consumption.

You can order, pay, and tip online, just noting which table you are at for our bartenders to run out your beer. You will, however, have to close each transaction and will not be able to maintain a tab.

Staff Safety

Our bartenders will wear masks at all times and will be asked to wash their hands between all customer interactions. Please do not try to physically contact any of our staff members, but we’re happy to air hug or air five you from afar.

Payment & Close Out

We will accept cash but strongly encourage the use of credit cards when paying in the taproom. After starting your tab, you have options as to how you’d like to close out with us.

If you download the Arryved mobile app (iPhone | Android), you may close your check at any time using the app once a tab has been started with your credit card.

You may also order each round online at, which allows you to tip and for the full ordering experience to be contactless.

Otherwise, we will be able to bring a tablet to you to close out your tab when ready. We will be sanitizing and cleaning the tablet after each transaction.

Unless absolutely necessary, we’d ask that you not take a receipt or have the receipt emailed to avoid introducing paper into this process.


Our self-service water stations will be moved behind the bar for now, but please let our team know if you would like a glass of water during your visit.


All merchandise will be kept behind the bar, and we will not offer the ability to try on or handle t-shirts or glassware unless purchased.

Please ask if you’d like to add merchandise to your order.

Cleaning & Restrooms

Our restrooms and high-contact areas will be cleaned regularly and thoroughly by the bartenders for your safety.

Please understand this may increase the time it takes us to get you your drinks, but we will try to balance cleaning and serving you to the best of our ability.

Curbside Pickup

For those of you wanting to pick up to-go beers, seltzers, wine, or cider, we’re still thinking very much about how to optimize your experience. As we open our taproom again, we will be designating some parking spaces specifically for curbside pickup so that we can easily find you when we run out with your order.

Please pull into one of these spaces if possible and call us to let us know you’re ready and waiting outside. We’ll run out with your order.

We thank you for your continued support of On Rotation and hope we can continue to manage this pandemic responsibly. We are all in this together, and, if there is ever an experience in our taproom or in picking up an order that concerns you, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Ready to Visit On Rotation?

Coming to see us in the taproom? Please let us know when to expect you using the form below.

This is not an official reservation, but, if you contact us before midnight the day before your arrival, we will confirm whether we have the space to accommodate you and your group before you head our way.